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We are always looking for speakers that are willing to share their story at events, conferences and various speaking engagements – spreading a message of hope for those in need.

There is value in your voice.

There is value in your life, personal and professional experiences. Voices of Trauma provides you a platform to share those experiences that are important for all to hear.

We connect our speakers with opportunities to get paid for sharing their stories at events and conferences.

We believe in the vision of our speakers and work with them to achieve their goals; from publishing books to documentaries and theatrical productions. Voices of Trauma was founded by Tonier Cain, an accomplished author, producer and entrepreneur. The services offered to our speakers include brand development, website design, and administrative support. We use our resources to help speakers broaden their reach beyond the podium.

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We are  interested in expanding our collection of professional speakers!
Please complete the form below. In Step 2, you will be able to submit your resume and cover letter. We will review to see if your credentials are a match for our agenda in providing trauma awareness to the world.

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