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Kimtrese Slaughter

CEO and Owner, Hummingbird Counseling Services for Women

Kimtrese is on a mission to help women heal, emerge, and deploy.


Women. Healing. Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health 

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Virginia, United States

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Kimtrese Slaughter

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Kimtrese Slaughter is the CEO and owner of Hummingbird Counseling Services for Women, a wellness agency in Newport News, Virginia. The mission of Hummingbird is to be a conduit of change for women’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Kimtrese is a  United States Navy Veteran, published author, educator, and board-certified psychotherapist. Kimtrese is a survivor of childhood complex trauma and has made the decision to use her life story to help others heal. Kimtrese specializes in helping women heal from childhood trauma, low self-esteem, and the maladaptive beliefs that they are not enough. 

Kimtrese is on a mission to help women heal, emerge, and deploy.

Kimtrese is the recipient of the Achi Magazine’s Mentor of the year award. Her organization was recently awarded the Facebook Black Business Owners grant. Kimtrese is a native of Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Carrollton, Virginia. She is married to her best friend, Sean Slaughter. She has two beautiful daughters “Lyric” and “Jazz, and two dogs Thor (Pitbull) and Ella Minow Pee (Papillion)

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