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Lisa Bryson

Rev. Lisa Bryson

Founder & Executive Director, Praising Through Recovery, Inc.

Lisa’s purpose and mission is to “Help guide the addicted to recovery, provide a safe haven to the homeless, and bring comfort and clarity to those whose minds are confused.”



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Maryland, United States

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Lisa Bryson

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Lisa’s life of nearly 20 years of drug addiction, homelessness, sexual traumas, jails, institutions, and a suicide attempt nearly snatched away everything God intended her to be and do. However, at her lowest and darkness moment, love conquered all!

Lisa is the Founder and Executive Director of Praising Through Recovery a non-profit organization located in Harford County, Maryland which umbrellas the Trinity Recovery House for Men & Covered Bridge Recovery House for Women. She is an ordained minister, businesswoman, mentor, international missionary, and an active partner of the Bridgeway Community Church where she leads the Praising Through Recovery Meeting of Support, Lisa has dedicated her life to serving others while advocating and educating on the topics of caring for stigmatized and marginalized populations, restoration, deliverance, forgiveness, grace, wholeness, and how to overcome and persevere when everything in you wants to throw in the towel.

Currently in undergraduate school obtaining her degree is Human Services Counseling and Certified Substance Abuse Counseling; she has over 14 years of working in the clinical and mental health fields and has completed over 20 years of coursework in the areas of trauma, addiction & recovery. With over 17 years of administrative & management experience she now dedicates her life to doing the will of God.

Working in local communities and traveling the world as addiction & trauma are universal concerns, Lisa hopes to share her story, her mission, and her deliverance with all humankind while educating professional & faith-based communities on the importance of inclusion for people like her. Living on purpose with purpose is a given for her as much help is needed with those who are brokenhearted and feel they have no hope.

Not forgetting where she comes from, her life is an open book as she leads by example humbly yet brilliantly displaying the light that led her out of darkness.

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