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Meghan Perez

Meghan Perez

Owner and Operator of Faith, Care and Compassion of Arizona, Author, and Volunteer with the National Alliance of Mental Illness

Meghan uses “the power of been there,” guiding individuals by tapping into her own experience and promoting a knowledge that there is a power more capable, reliable, and stronger than imagined. 


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Arizona, United States

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In her 31 years, Meghan has ensured a lifetime of heartbreak — a brain injury after being struck by a truck as a pedestrian, losing her family to drug addiction, shuffling cross-country among relatives, living on the streets at 14, enduring multiple rapes and being widowed at 23 while pregnant with her third child. 

Nevertheless, she persisted, earning a psychology degree, leaning on her faith in God and becoming a foster mother, author, advocate and mentor. After an assault left Meghan with a broken neck, and 2 brain aneurysms, years of full time medical treatment and therapy brought her to a realization: heavy doses of empathy and compassion from her providers were so powerful, they had to be shared. 

Meghan uses “the power of been there,” guiding individuals by tapping into her own experience and promoting a knowledge that there is a power more capable, reliable, and stronger than imagined. Because of her past physical and behavioral health involvement and multiple traumas she knows integrated health — not a Band-Aid, out-the-door approach, but an approach based on digging deep, creating solutions and personal investment creates real hope – hope that can be deeply rooted when faith is aligned, and core needs addressed. 

Meghan currently is an active volunteer with the National Alliance of Mental Illness, Office of Individual and Family Affairs Peer Council Member,  and Peer Leadership Advocacy Council. She holds recognition as a Mercy Care Rise Award nominee, and advocates for change in the mental health and addiction court systems in Arizona. She owns and operates Faith, Care and Compassion of Arizona – a non-profit organization focused on outreach to single and widowed mothers in the Maricopa County Arizona region, and works as Peer Development Specialist, for Terros Health – a non-profit health center, where she certifies individuals with lived experience to go an impact their communities.

Meghan is an accomplished author, with multiple publications including “You Call Me Murderer” – a look at sustainable relationship building that affects and promotes healthier community behaviors as well as “Armored In The Valley – Biblical Weaponry for Mental Health Mastery”. 

Meghan says “I am not strong in spite of anything; the traumas, the physical health, or the mental health symptoms – I am strong, powerful, capable and well equipped – because of it all. I am honored to have this position in life, which includes all of the learning opportunities that got me here, including the painful bits. I am so blessed to be given so many opportunities to be a healthier me, that while I could say ‘Thank you God’ and keep walking, I have to pause, and do my part to light the paths for others needing hope.”

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