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Pamela Bryant

Trauma Survivor, Recovery Coach, and Founder of Walking by Faith Prison Ministry

Pamela is a living testimony of Lived Trauma. She visits prisons in Texas giving her testimony as a witness on how she copes daily with trauma.


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Texas, United States

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Pamela Bryant

Ex: January 3, 2022

My name is Pamela Bryant, I am a living testimony of Lived Trauma. My trauma started at a very young age. I wrestle with my lived trauma daily. I have images that play like a movie in my sleep. My past trauma seemed so real – the sexual abuse from my father and the many men that touched me. The biggest battle I face is between the new me and the old me.

I remember the fight my mother and father had when she found out that he was touching me. I can hear the screams getting louder and louder, only to awaken to the fight and no one was there. I fought many demons of physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and drug abuse. My mother physically abused me so badly that I would black out with no memory.

The mental abuse started with my grandfather who would sexually assault my mother, thinking she was his wife. Later, my mother conceived my two mentally-challenged sisters, who I now take care of. At the age of 12, I started to take my mother’s pills that she took for the treatment of lupus. I was emotionally and mentally drained by the physical abuse she endured with her dad, and her bipolar disorder. No one believed in helping her back in those days. The family kept the dark secret, so they thought, until I was able to tell my side of the abuse. At age 19, I was introduced to crack cocaine and I abused it right away. It took all the prior trauma away, so I thought. I became a full fledged addict, dope fiend, prostitute, and everything that came with that life. I ended up in prison where God started his healing process with me. I became a light in a dark place. He restored my joy. I wanted to live again and outlive the trauma that had me bound. I went back to school after receiving my GED in prison. I studied Business.

I am now the founder of Walking by Faith Prison Ministry. I also go into prisons in Texas giving my testimony, as a witness on how I am living out my lived trauma, daily. I am also a recovery coach. I have a team and we go out everyday to feed the homeless hot meals and give out hygiene packages. We are a peer driven organization with all sorts of lived trauma. We want to help drop the recidivism of lived trauma by being an example that you can outlive the pain of trauma.

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